Topics On The Final Exam

I try to write on a variety of important topics. However, a virtually incomprehensible set of factor analyses seems to suggest that I tend to focus (or obsess, it’s all just semantics) on some subjects more than others. I will list them here because if you’ve come this far…

you might as well just go down with the ship.

1. All things music. Here are all my music uploads, music videos (including concert footage) and other inanity related to song.

2. Family. Yeah, I got one. They do silly things. Sometimes, we engage in conversation. Too often, if you ask me.

3. Work Follies. Other than to have enough money to eat and keep us from getting rained upon, I really can’t think of another reason to go. But here’s what happens at work sometimes.

4. Commuter Tales. Well, I’ve got to get to work somehow, don’t I?

5. Mystifying Oracle. Yes, I am a man of science. OK, social science. But still, you would not expect someone with my background and education to believe in the afterlife and other mystical things. Well…I don’t.

6. Robots. They are our friends. Right up until the time when they take over the world and make us their slaves.

7. Twitter. I post 4 or so jokes to Twitter every day. That is about 5 too many. Every day.

8. Tumblr. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. I make fun of Tumblr almost as much as other people make fun of me. On Tumblr.

9. True Confessions. Sometimes, there is something I need to get off my chest. On many occasions it’s merely a mole or a fungus. But once in a while it’s a deep, dark secret about myself that I cannot hold in any longer. Your luck.

10. Surrealism. I like art. Surreal art. Like dripping clock kind of art. Here I collect my favorite works and make pithy comments about them. Thank god the artists are all dead. I hope.

***Every now and again, I become delusional and think that I possess actual talent. So, I participate in some long-range writing projects with unsurprisingly disastrous results.

1. Tumblr52 Project. Almost every week in 2010, I posted something related to an assigned theme. Just like school. Except not as much fun.

2. NaNoWriMo Project. Every November, we’re supposed to write a novel. Yeah, right…