The Gift Of The Magi*

All she ever wanted was a smartphone. A way to connect to the Internets to download ringtones and check Facebook in order to make snarky comments to herself about her mundane friends and their above-average children.

All he ever wanted was a Mercedes M-class. Do we really have to explain why?

So, they needed to find away to make their loves’ dream come true. He merely wrote a check. She reluctantly sold her inexplicable collection of vintage cellphone covers. OK, there were A LOT of cellphone covers. Inexplicable.

And then came the unforgettable night. She confessed, somewhat proudly, that she sold that inexplicable, albeit well-loved collection in order to afford his new wheels. He confessed, somewhat sheepishly, that the ink in the pen glooped a little when he wrote the check for her new phone.

She threw the phone at his brow.

He caught the phone. With his brow.

She drove off in the M-class.

He wondered what a ‘Magi’ was.

The End.

* - Whattyamean there’s already something with that title?