Thoughts While Watching ‘The Avengers’

Sometimes, I cannot just sit back and enjoy a movie. The gears of my mind start turning and I begin to think things such as “What would make this movie better?” and “Why did they do this or that?” and “To whom am I asking these questions?”

And I have to say that ‘The Avengers’ movie was no different. I should have been enjoying the ‘splosions, witty dialogue interchanges or both of Scarlett Johannson’s acting skills. But, alas, that was not to be. I could not get out of my mind the names of superheroes that no doubt would have been rejected for Avengers membership. Such as:

1. The Pimple

2. Regular Guy

3. The Old Widow

4. The Incredible Oozing Man

5. Weatherman…uh…Man

6. Drama Queen

7. Little Joey

8.               (he’s invisible)

9. Gym Rat

I wonder if I will do the same for the sequel, ‘The Re-vengers’.

Evil Dead

By Dr. Seuss

Five young people were holed up in a shack,
They let out some demons they couldn’t put back.

Where to put them? Let’s lock one under the floor.
We can slice them and dice them; hand me that chainsaw.

Oops, one has an ax. Another a knife.
Oh what a night! Oh what a life!

The walls are now bloody and starting to smell gamey,
It’s Bruce Campbell’s fault, I tell you. Well, him and Sam Raimi.

So, I’m leaving this theater. Give me my hat and my scarf.
No, give me that bucket. I now have to - - - -

Question Only For The Serious Microbloggers Out There

Is it still called “live blogging” when you are making fun of a program (oh, like maybe the Oscars, for example, hypothetically speaking of course) on every form of social media when you aren’t really watching it at all?

Or haven’t watched it for the past several years.

Or haven’t seen a movie nominated for an Academy Award.

Or haven’t seen an actual movie.

Or own a TV.

Or have a blog.

Or remember what his original point was.

On Oz (The Wonderful Land Of—Not The Doctor)

As a kid I always wished that I could live in the Land of Oz. Forever. Along with the Tin Man, Cowardly Lion and especially the Scarecrow, with whom I felt some kind of kindred spirit (that’s right, we both have diplomas and our heads stuffed with straw).

In fact, while watching the film, all I could think to myself was “Is that Dorothy crazy? Why the hell would she ever want to leave a great place like that? To return to Dutch Bowl, Kansas, located somewhere in Tornado Alley just to live with a bunch of Republican goobers?” Made no sense to me. Even as a 5-year-old.

As a full-time resident of Oz, I imagined, I would have the right to vote for Mayor of Munchkin Land and even for Wizard. Perhaps if I had political ambitions of my own, I might run for one of those offices myself.

Under those circumstances, I wondered what sort of campaign promises I would make. I don’t suppose health care is much of an issue there (nobody seemed to get sick or hurt during the movie—only dead). However, they did appear to have problems with flying monkeys and apple-chucking trees with pissy attitudes. Can you say “internment camps”? I’m convinced that would have pulled in the Emerald City vote for sure.

On the other hand, I do imagine the taxes are rather high in the wonderful land of Oz. Did you ever take a gander at the condition of the Yellow Brick Road? Not a pothole to be seen. That kind of infrastructure doesn’t come cheap, my friend.

Seriously. This could be the worst joke ever written (and I wrote it!)

Q: What did David Cronenberg say to Jeff Goldblum?

A: Man, you so fly!

Alright, this joke doesn’t work on so many levels. First of all, even if David Cronenberg was the type to speak in 1990s hip-hop vernacular (and I bet he isn’t), this would have been something he might have said to a woman and not Jeff Goldblum. Unless David Cronenberg was gay (which I don’t believe he is, not that there’s anything wrong with that). Plus, as everybody knows, Jeff Goldblum was married during the time he was working on The Fly, so he would have been off the market in either case.