Favorite State Of The Union Addresses Throughout History

Being older than the majority of you (but not you, you old bag), I have certainly seen more than my share of State Of The Union Addresses. Perhaps you all are too young to remember Grover Cleveland’s address (I believe it was way back in 1988). Grover decided to forgo a written speech and just began telling stories from his childhood vacations in Lakewood, New Jersey.

Even earlier on was Andrew Jackson’s address (perhaps 1952? ‘53?). Andrew had a well-known fondness for alcohol and thought it would be fun to have a 2-drink minimum at the event. Good thing they commissioned an artist because nobody in congress reportedly could remember it the next day.

But perhaps my favorite State Of The Union Address was given by probably the greatest President our country has ever known, BENJAMIN Q. FRANKLIN. It was Ben who looked congress dead in the eye and stated,

"Bring on the loose women!"

If memory serves, Franklin was re-elected a record-setting 10 times.

They just don’t make Americans like that anymore.

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