Oh dear, another Superstorm. But that’s our society today. We just cannot have regular portions anymore.

Technically, at least part of this storm is a Nor’easter. I am not sure what happened to the ‘th’. Perhaps it blew away in the storm. I find it incongruous that in this day of super technology we are still referring to natural phenomena as if we were the Gordon’s Fisherman. Perhaps some PR department somewhere decided that the best way to deal with serious winter storms is to make them sound all quaint and homey-like.

I think the best way to deal with serious winter storms is to hunker down with brownies and hot chocolate, but I’m no meteorologist. And while I’m on the subject, WHY do they call them ‘meteorologists’? I’ve yet to hear one predict a meteor.

Hmm. But maybe that’s a good thing.

I think I have refined the act of hunkering to a fine art. For example, I do not ever leave the bed or even completely remove the blanket at any point. I call the dog over but then feel abject disappointment because I don’t have one.

But at least I’m smart. While all those misinformed go-getters spend their time clearing the snow off their walks for pedestrians (whom I advise to stay home or at least stay away from MY walk), I prefer to wait out the storm, when snow removal is at its easiest.

Like in July.

  1. mathcat345 said: Advanced hunkering is on my CV. Also, I learned on Wednesday night that studies show that people felt that hot chocolate tasted better when served in an orange mug (library gave out orange mugs for this winter’s reading program). The more you know!
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