Snowpocalypse 2013

They forecasted it for days. The first winter storm of the year. Combined with already frigid temperatures, THIS SNOW WAS GONNA STICK. And when the sun came out this morning, I could see it in all its glory…

One inch of snow.

I hurried to get dressed and shovel the stuff before someone got buried (OK, a real small someone) and/or some old lady slid off the sidewalk and into the deadly street full of swerving cars.

The depth of snow was misleading; ridding the walkways was a challenge indeed. On one occasion, the blade of the shovel caught itself in between concrete slabs of the sidewalk itself and the handle flew up and hit me in the chin. I believe I now have a concussion.

And on another occasion, the shovel blade scraped against the sidewalk with such force that the ensuing friction caused the entire shovel to catch fire. I believe I now have third degree burns.

And within 15 minutes the sun melted all the snow on the rest of the block.

  1. janetisserlis said: now I want to see sock monkeys in her sock drawer. is there an app for that?
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