Scene From A Mall - reprise

  • Me: I am in the market for a new watch.
  • Salesman: (takes out several models) Well, how about one of these ...
  • Me: Ugh. The watch faces are entirely too big. They will overwhelm my rather skinny wrist.
  • Salesman: I'm sorry, sir. But that is the current style.
  • Me: Are there any watches with a smaller face there are more in proportion with a skinny wrist on an otherwise manly man?
  • Salesman: I'm sorry sir. There are none.
  • Me: Why...why that's WRISTIST!
  • Salesman: Yes, sir. Very clever, sir. Will there be anything else?
  • Me: Nope. 'Wristist' was all I got.
  1. puffypie said: Wristism…the blight and scurvy to our humanity. Stand up and be counted for my friend.
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