I don’t discuss my job too frequently on this blogging platform, but suffice to say, after 27 years it is starting to wear me down. I’m sure many of you know the feeling.

Well, I came home the other day and told my wife that I would do anything to quit. She reminded me that it was an impossibility because we have 1 child in college and 1 child only 3 years away. In addition, we have somehow developed a frivolous need to eat food and live indoors.

No, if I am going to leave my current job, she said, I would have to find a new one.

So, I set about thinking of what other careers I was both suited for AND qualified to hold. Then it came to me. I could become a Compulsive Liar.

I know what you’re thinking (see, that’s a lie). Do I think I can make any real money doing nothing but telling lies? Well, I wasn’t sure at first. So I found some Compulsive Liars and asked them. They told me I could make MILLIONS.

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