I haven’t been feeling all that bloggy lately. Sure I have been microblogging over at that other site. But we all know that the REAL money is in macroblogging.

You’d be surprised the quizzical looks people give me when I tell them that I blog for a living. Take my boss, for example. When I told him, he adopted the expression of a man who now has one less employee. Strange.

I explained that I always include a location-based tag on all the posts I write from the office during normal work hours and how that should be considered free advertising for the company. He was so happy that he actually held the door open for me as I was escorted out of the building.

So it is ironic that I have all this newly found, additional time to blog—and yet—I am feeling so unbloggy. I decided to ask my wife for her thoughts on the matter but all she could focus on was why I was still in my pajamas at 2:30pm on a weekday and why our direct deposits seemed to have dried up.

In other words, she was going to be of no help in the matter.

So I decided to check the newspaper for blog-fodder. Turns out that Lindsay Lohan seems to have developed some kind of drinking-drug-stealing-fighting-bad acting problem recently. I sort of blame myself for not keeping tabs on the kid. Children need to be supervised, you know.

Strange things have been happening in the world of sports lately as well. For example, for every number of teams that have won various sporting events, THE EXACT SAME NUMBER OF TEAMS HAVE LOST. I wonder when the last time that happened. I bet sometime in the 70s, that’s when.

And things haven’t been going well in the world of politics either. There’s a lot of disagreement as to how the country should handle its finances. Some say that the US should manage its money the same way as a typical family. I’m not sure if there is a mattress big enough under which we can fit all our billions, but think of all the people we can put to work if we had to manufacture one. At least sixteen, I’d wager.

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