Insect Aside

I’m not sure who does their P.R. or which PAC is secretly behind them, but somehow ladybugs have been given a free pass.

What I mean is this, ladybugs (which CAN’T all be female, mind you) have the reputation for being cute, amiable and helpful. Now, I’ll give you that they are helpful. Lady bugs eat aphids, which are like the hobos of the garden. But you don’t see people cozying up to dragonflies, do you? And dragonflies eat a whole load of gnats and mosquitoes, which are like the vampires of the garden. Heck, even people who are notoriously bug-phobic get all giddy when a ladybug lands on them.

"Awe wook at the cute wadybug cwaling all over me!"

So, let’s be honest. Ladybugs get a pass because they are physically more attractive (or less revolting) than most other bugs, regardless how helpful to humans they may be. God, we’re so superficial. It’s just this kind of attitude that allowed us to invent supermodels, who are clearly less useful to us than dragonflies.

But remember, ALL ladybugs cannot be benign. I’m sure that some beat their larvae or cheat on their income taxes. And lastly, all of God’s creatures great and small eventually poop. Be mindful of that every time a cute wadybug decides to cwal on you. To a ladybug, our arm or hand might be nothing more than a great, big toilet bowl.

Welp, happy gardening!

  1. lmcg-e said: Also, dragonflies and damselflies are really pretty. But yes, I’d let a ladybird crawl on me but a Maybug land? I’d have to chop off my arm.
  2. mathcat345 said: Your mind is a vast, wondrous place!
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