Thoughts On The Conclusion Of Yet Another Year

I’ve never been one to make a big deal about implementing a new desk calendar. For me, each year is an unequal mix of the good, the bad and the ugly and 2013 was no different. 2014 probably will be no different either (too? - who knows, grammar is hard).

So, I finally decided to completely eliminate all the New Year’s jazz in my little corner of the universe. As a result, I had to alter some of my social scripts. For example,

Bank Teller: Here’s your money, Mr. Leibowitz. And in small, unmarked bills just like you asked.

Me: Thank you.

Bank Teller: Happy New Year!

Me: And a Happy Wednesday to you, too!

Currently, my extreme attitude towards New Year’s has yet to catch on with the general public, but I am hoping that people will eventually become accustomed to it over time. I’m not so sure what I will do when New Year’s falls on something other than a Wednesday, however, but I believe I have time to work that out.

One of the most unique bands of the 70s “glam” era was the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Alex had been in the music business since the 1950s, but he achieved a level of stardom in Europe when he hooked up with a struggling Scottish band called Tear Gas. They featured a guitarist named Zal Cleminson who was practically young enough to be Harvey’s son.

The band’s styles ranged from heavy rock to music hall to blues—but always with a dramatic, theatrical flair as evidenced by Cleminson’s adoption of mime makeup and unitard. This performance on the The Old Grey Whistle Test (a cover of Tom Jones’ Delilah) embodies almost everything the band stood for and remains an artifact of a day gone by in popular music.

Plus, you won’t be able to get the stupid song out of your head for weeks afterward.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band — Delilah

Notable Tumblrs of 2013

I don’t know if you follow these kind of things, but every year at this time, the chuckleheads at Tumblr create a list of Most Notable Tumblrs of the year.

I’m not surprised to see a large smattering of celebrity blogs on the list. After all, I do need to delude myself into thinking that celebrities want to form a real connection with me. Or even that the celebrities manage their own blogs at all. But what the heck, I still believe in Santa Claus and I’m Jewish.

Also expected are the art, photo and fashion blogs. And to that I give a resounding, MEH. It’s not that I don’t appreciate the talent, it’s just that I have so little of it myself.

But what seems to be missing every year are the sloppy, poorly organized and mildly entertaining (in a car-wreck sorta way) Tumblrs of schmos like you and me. Especially me. Which brings me to the much-delayed point of this whole thing…

I NEVER MAKE THIS DAMN LIST. I mean, I update my blog with the perfect formula of regularity (that is, often enough to remind you of my continuing presence, infrequently enough not to remind you of your geeky, younger brother). My posts are comprised of a focus group-approved combination of words, pictures, videos and music to ensure proper synergy but not overwhelm your senses. If you think this is easy, YOU find and pay a blog consultant like I do.

I’m beginning to think that a refund is in order.