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Apr 23

Nutrition Update

In order to reduce my intake of processed food products, I decided to have honey in my tea tonight instead of sugar.

Then it hit me.

I was eating something THAT WAS MADE BY BUGS.

It’s like I’m on an episode of ‘Survivor’ here.

Apr 21

Time And Space

On Cosmos, Neil DeGrasse Tyson stated that when we look at stars in the sky we are not seeing them as they are in the present. Nay, due to the time that light takes to reach our eyes from the stars’ great distances, we are actually seeing what they were like millions of years ago.

By extension, when we look at each other we are not seeing what the other person looks like at the present moment, but at some moment in the past.

All I have to say to all of you is, man, you have really let yourself go.

Apr 20

On Today’s Agenda

Planning to watch Cosmos tonight in order to learn what sort of evolutionary mutation is responsible for a sentient subset of rabbits bearing eggs in baskets.

Apr 19


Apr 18

Religious Musings

They call it Good Friday. However, today was the day that Jesus was crucified, after being made to carry his own form of execution through the city and not too long after one of his besties betrayed him for a small bag of coins.

At best, it should have been called Meh Friday.

Apr 15

Book Review Excerpt

"David Leibowitz turns the how-to genre inside-out with his latest effort, ‘Ventriloquism For Dummies’”.

Apr 14

Passover Yuks

The bitterest Herb is my uncle, who still can’t believe after all these years he was passed over for that job back in 1968.

Passed over. Hehe.

I’m like the 11th plague.

Apr 13

What To Eat: A Brief Conversation With My Wife

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