1. What’s the polite thing to do when you see someone reading “uıןɐd ɥɐɹɐs ʎq ‘ǝnƃoɹ ƃuıoƃ”? Do you flip the book for them, or just let it go?
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  2. The web’s a lot like nipple clamps.

    It hurts a lot when people do it wrong, plus it’s hard to explain why…

Well, well. Number 19 was mine. Thanks, imaginary people in my computing machine 5 years ago.

Status Update

So I order these real nice shoes for work they’re mocassin-type shoes OK they’re made by Uggs but definitely for men anyway I like them because they’re black and can go with both jeans and black pants duh but then once I wear them and look at them in proper light from my office I notice they’re actually very very very dark green and I’m saying WTF am I going to do with green shoes and then that’s when I realized I have the worst life of anyone out there don’t even try to tell me otherwise

Clearly my favorite track from the Experience’s debut album. The rhythm section drives full speed ahead until the wheels practically fall off the thing. In sharp contrast, Jimi’s singing is almost disarmingly laid-back.

And what would it all be without a characteristic, mind-bending, guitar solo?

Manic Depression - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Hi. I saw your Craigslist ad...

  • Interested party: Hey, is that [insert name of furniture here] still available? I was wondering what the dimensions were.
  • Me: Yes it is. And, as the ad clearly states, it's [insert measurements here].
  • Interested: Oh right. Will it fit in the back of a [insert name of vehicle here]?
  • Me: I really wouldn't know.
  • Interested: Oh right. And how much are you asking for it?
  • Me: Well, as the ad clearly states, I'm asking [insert monetary value here].
  • Interested: Right. How about [insert monetary value here minus some ridiculous sum]?
  • Me: Uh, no. The price is [insert original monetary value here].
  • Interested: Right. And when can I come and see it?
  • Me: Well, as the ad clearly states, I'll be at the apartment on [insert days here] from [insert time frame here].
  • Interested: Right. Can I come on [insert different day here] at [insert some ungodly hour here].
  • Me: You're not much for reading ads, are you?
  • Interested: Right.