Clearly my favorite track from the Experience’s debut album. The rhythm section drives full speed ahead until the wheels practically fall off the thing. In sharp contrast, Jimi’s singing is almost disarmingly laid-back.

And what would it all be without a characteristic, mind-bending, guitar solo?

Manic Depression - The Jimi Hendrix Experience

Hi. I saw your Craigslist ad...

  • Interested party: Hey, is that [insert name of furniture here] still available? I was wondering what the dimensions were.
  • Me: Yes it is. And, as the ad clearly states, it's [insert measurements here].
  • Interested: Oh right. Will it fit in the back of a [insert name of vehicle here]?
  • Me: I really wouldn't know.
  • Interested: Oh right. And how much are you asking for it?
  • Me: Well, as the ad clearly states, I'm asking [insert monetary value here].
  • Interested: Right. How about [insert monetary value here minus some ridiculous sum]?
  • Me: Uh, no. The price is [insert original monetary value here].
  • Interested: Right. And when can I come and see it?
  • Me: Well, as the ad clearly states, I'll be at the apartment on [insert days here] from [insert time frame here].
  • Interested: Right. Can I come on [insert different day here] at [insert some ungodly hour here].
  • Me: You're not much for reading ads, are you?
  • Interested: Right.

Why Tuesday Is The Worst Day Of The Week

First, let’s eliminate Saturday for obvious reasons. And Sunday? Well, sometimes Sunday night can be a bummer but we really can’t penalize a full day off for just a few hours at the end, can we?

Friday is pretty cool and Thursday brings the promise of Friday, so those two are off the list.

This leaves us with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Wednesday is the middle of the week—Hump Day—which signals that you have somehow survived the first half. In my opinion, this places Wednesday in the “good pile” with both Thursday and Friday. Half-full days, if you will.

Now we are down to Monday and Tuesday. Monday gets all the hype for being crappy, first day of the work week, etc. But it does have a certain notoriety, celebrated in countless laments, jokes and even songs.

Tuesday on the other hand, is also at the beginning of the work week but lacks that level of celebrity. It. Just. Plain. Sucks. What does Tuesday have going for it? That it’s isn’t Monday? Right, and Stalin wasn’t Hitler. The promise of Wednesday? Woo hoo, tomorrow is the middle of the week.

No, Tuesday exists in its own lonely little hell that it agrees to share with us every 7 days or so thanks a lot screw you Tuesday.